How we work

Meeting with the client, metering the facilities

Once you drop us an email or give us a call, we will visit you for advice and measurement of your apartment. During our meeting, you can ask any questions you like.

The estimator-appraiser will be at the measurements. He will advise you on the technology of repair,apartments design, timing of repair as a whole and its individual stages. All of this is FREE of charge, fast and accurate.

Drafting estimates for the repair works, and the estimates for the consumable materials

After all the measurements and determinations of the necessary work there will be completed the both following estimates::

  • estimates for repair and finishing works
  • estimates for consumables materials.

Attention! All the estimates presented in the work and materials can be adjusted within reasonable limits. You can either give up on some work or materials (if it does not violate the technology of works) or replace with other works / materials.

Signing of the contract

After the discussion of all questions a contract (SAMPLE) has to be signed. The contract clearly spells out the terms of works, the cost of works and the materials' warranty.

Scheduled delivery of materials and equipment

To keep in touch with of all the works produced by the specialists of the Company the schedule of delivery of materials and equipment is prepared.

Purchase of consumables and the finishing materials

Delivery of building materials to the construction site is carried out either by you, according to the schedule of delivery of materials and equipment, or the purchase process, delivery and unloading will be undertaken by us.

In our work we use only proven materials. Purchase of materials is held only through the providers with a good reputation in the market of building materials. We take full responsibility for the quality of materials supplied by us.

Repair and decoration works

Upon the receipt of material on the construction, we are starting to repair the apartment. The level of professionalism of our superintendents, plasterers, painters, decorators is confirmed by many repairs of apartments been already held.

The process of capital repairs of apartment consists mainly of the following stages and activities:

  1. We carry out the layout of partitions. We determine the place where the necessary direct or curved corners. Then the mason erects walls.
  2. Then we carry out electrical work. Determine where you want to install additional outlets, and make them eyeliner under the wire, but the outlet has not yet set and not be connected to the switchboard. Electric wires along the paving of walls both inside and on the ceiling.
  3. Since the kitchen is set larger outlets than in other rooms (TV, receiver, food processor, microwave oven, refrigerator, gas cooker, washing machine ...), then all of this wiring must be conducted with a thicker wire, depending on the load and connect an additional wire to the electrical box.
  4. In the corridor also prudently put the socket under the phone, vacuum cleaner, as well as extends the antenna cable.
  5. Now we are doing plumbing work. Install radiators, heating risers digest. This stage is accompanied by scrapping the walls, dust and debris.
  6. Then proceed to the alignment of walls and floors. For this we first established lighthouses on the walls and ceilings, vymeryat angles and only then applied plaster layer. Once the walls are aligned, engaged in the installation of sockets and switches.
  7. Then proceed to the installation of doors, window sills and windows. Once they will be aligned walls and floors, doors set more accurately, since the uneven floors can make a mistake with the size of the floor to the bottom of the door.
  8. Now we paint the ceiling and make installation of suspended ceilings.
  9. Fill screed on the floor. It is possible to fill the screed in stages, ie, upon completion of plastering in any room. Plank floors, tsiklyuem and varnished.
  10. Sticking wallpaper. When wallpapering to turn off the shield on the landing light, we remove from the sockets and switches cover. Cut the wallpaper under sockets and switches, and then fasten the lid and turn on the light.
  11. Fasten moldings and trim, thus closing the ends of the wallpaper. Skirting prisverlivaem and screwed to the wall with screws. Under Baseboard missing antenna, a phone and a computer (network) cable.
  12. Then drill holes and hung shelves, cabinets, moldings, etc.
  13. Install plumbing fixtures and appliances (bath, shower, sink, ...)
  14. Balcony or loggia be repaired in the last turn, because there you can store the remains of materials, and establish bench and vice. All this will be necessary in the final work cycle.
  15. And finally, the finishing stage - cleaning and cleaning debris from the premises, money and ottirka whole apartment to shine.

Acceptance of works

All the work is broken down into steps of repairs. Within 2 days after each stage of customer contact is completed the payment is required. If you have valid claims to the quality of our work, at our own expenses we will correct all the deficiencies. At the last stage, the final payment and acceptance of the apartment is held.

Guarantee service

The warranty set on our work is 12 months. During this time, all the faults and repair defects, if they occur, will be repaired free of charge. At the end of the warranty period, you can always contact us for decoration.